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Steps to Fitness!        
Walk Kansas is based on the 2008 Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans. It’s important that you find activities you enjoy and that fit into your lifestyle.   The minimum recommendation for moderate physical activity is 150 minutes per week, which is equal to 30 minutes of activity at least five days/week. Muscle strengthening exercises are suggested at least two days each week and you should allow a rest day between.
The videos below coordinate with weekly newsletter topics for Walk Kansas 2015. Thanks to James (Jim) R. Thompson, M.S. and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, and Genesis Health Clubs in Manhattan, KS for their help with these videos.
Walk Strong Videos

 Week 1
Pull Across Chest

Air Squats and Parallel Arm Raises

 Week 2
Goblet Squat
Dumbbell Deadlift
Basic Push-Ups
Push-Ups - The Next Level
 Week 3
 Week 4
 Week 5
 Week 6
 Week 7
 Week 8
The videos below feature information on getting the most from your walking routine and guidelines for basic strength training exercises. Thanks to Peters Recreation Complex at Kansas State University for their help with these videos. 

Before and after any physical activity, be sure to stretch.  Here are some resources to help you stretch safely.

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Running in the USA - Work Hard. Play Harder

Upcoming races in Kansas


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