Issue 1

What a Bargain!
New in 2012
Does Your Plate Look Like MyPlate?
Recipe: Mediterranean-Inspired Vegetables

Issue 2

Not Your Father's Heart Disease
Know the Numbers that Count
Walking Basics
Eat More Fish
Recipe: Salmon Burgers

Issue 3

Every Little Step Counts
Know the Numbers - Answers
5K Fitness Day - April 15
Recipe: Maui Muffins

Issue 4

Week 4 - Halfway There!
Where's the Salt?
Tingle Your Tongue
Recipe: Black Beans and Rice

Issue 5

Warm up for Gardening
Eating with the Seasons
Spring Cleaning the Kitchen
Recipe: Very Berry Spinach Salad

Issue 6

It's Never too Late
Turn on the Tap
Healthy Pasta Choices
Recipe: Spring Pasta e Fagioli

Issue 7

Benefits of Interval Training
Get Back on Track
Spuds Fashionable Again
Recipe: Roasted Potato Wedges

Issue 8

Wellness at Work
Break for Instant Recess
Planned-over Meals
Recipe: Healthy Beef Fajitas

Issue 9

The Gift of Physical Activity
Be Prepared for Summer Heat
Success from Walk Kansas 2012
Recipe: Ice Cream Treasure