2013 Newsletters

Issue 1
Issue 1 Spanish

Walking — 'Man's Best Medicine'
You Can Reap the Benefits
Dietary Guidelines — Key Messages
Recipe: Rainbow Vegetables

Issue 2
Issue 2 Spanish

Are You Sitting Too Much?
What Not to Wear While Walking
Breakfast — The Best Way to Start Your Day
Recipe: Banana Oatmeal

Issue 3
Issue 3 Spanish
Are You House Walking?
Take 10 for Better Health
Vary Your Protein
Recipe: Beef and
Quinoa Meatballs

Issue 4
Issue 4 Spanish

Boost Intensity
with Interval Training
Medicine Balls and More
Rethink Acts of Kindness
Recipe: Berry Crisp

Issue 5
Issue 5 Spanish

Moving Beyond Kansas
Flavor Water Naturally
Reasons to Love Legumes
Recipe: Wrap and Go Burrito

Issue 6
Issue 6 Spanish

Keep Your Routine Fun!
Action Plan for Success
Enjoy a Great Catch
Recipe: Tuna Salad

Issue 7
Issue 7 Spanish

Try 'Retro' Walking
Exercise to Sleep Better
The Cost of Good Nutrition
Recipe: Guacamole and Seasoned Pita Chips

Issue 8
Issue 8 Spanish

Your Best Walking Buddy
Go Back to the Kitchen
Choose Low-fat Dairy
Recipe: Creamy Fettuccine with Vegetables

Issue 9
Issue 9 Spanish

Make Celebrations Fun, Healthy, and Active
Summer Challenge
Build a Great Sandwich
Recipe: Zucchini Yeast Rounds

Issue 10
Issue 10 Spanish

Fall for Fitness
Reduce Your Risk for Type 2 Diabetes
Tomatoes Take Center Stage
Recipe: Summer Fresh Tomatoes with Pasta