2014 Newsletters

Issue 1
Issue 1 Spanish
Issue 1 Black/White

Exercise is Medicine
All You Need Are Shoes
Move of the Week: Warm Up; Stretch for Cool Down
Eating for Energy
Recipe: Veggie Quiche Bites

Issue 2
Issue 2 Spanish
Issue 2 Black/White

Walk This Way
Sitting is the New Smoking
Carbohydrates for Energy
Recipe: Mediterranean Bean Soup

Issue 3
Issue 3 Spanish
Issue 3 Black/White

Climb Toward Better Health
Power Forward with Your Arms
What is Your Healthy?
Quinoa - the Mother Grain
Recipe: Quinoa Tabbouleh

Issue 4
Issue 4 Spanish
Issue 4 Black/White

Posture Power
Boost Your Activity with Interval Training
Why Greek Yogurt?
Hydrate for Energy
Recipe: Strawberry Pineapple Salsa

Issue 5
Issue 5 Spanish
Issue 5 Black/White

Building Strength
Move of the Week: Upper Body Resistance Training
Should You Eat Like a Caveman in the 21st Century?
Recipe: Our Best Pizza

Issue 6
Issue 6 Spanish - Black/White
Issue 6 Black/White

What to Do When It Hurts
Squats to Strengthen
Sugar Sense
Recipe: Brownie Bites

Issue 7
Issue 7 Spanish
Issue 7 Black/White

What is Your Excercise Personality?
Strength at Your Core
Eating Out: Choose Healthy Ethnic Foods
Recipe: Mango, Cucumber, and Jicama Salad

Issue 8
Issue 8 Black/White
Issue 8 Spanish - Black/White

Getting Past a Bad Week
MyPlate SuperTracker
Your Protein Needs
Recipe: Spanish-Style Cod in Tomato Broth

Issue 9
Issue 9 Black/White
Issue 9 Spanish - Black/White

Celebrate Your Health and Play
Are You Ready for a 5K?
Build it, Wrap it, Grill it!
Recipe: Asian Beef Lettuce Wrap