2015 Newsletters

Issue 1
Issue 1 - Spanish

Walk Tall, Walk Strong, Walk Kansas
No Pain, No Gain - Just a Myth?
Flip Your Fridge!
Recipe: Pineapple Black Bean Enchiladas

Issue 2
Issue 2 - Spanish

Why Strength Training?
Make Your Own Gear
Refuel with Breakfast
Recipe: Blueberry Oatmeal Smoothie

Issue 3
Issue 3 - Spanish

Exercise Keeps Your Brain Sharp
Make Water Your Default Beverage
Enjoy a Great Catch
Recipe: Easy Baked Fish Fillets

Issue 4
Issue 4 - Spanish

Creating a Standing Workstation
Strengthen Your Upper Body
Choose Whole Grains
National Festival of Breads
Recipe: Signature Scones

Issue 5
Issue 5 - Spanish

Be Ready for Exercise
Legumes: Nutrition Powerhouses
Recipe: Ultimate Greek Chopped Salad

Issue 6
Issue 6 - Spanish

Staying in Balance
Reduce Food waste
Love Your Leftovers
Recipe: Thursday Night Soup

Issue 7
Issue 7 - Spanish

Exercise for Healthy Skin
Join the Petite Plate Club
Spotlight on Italian Cuisine
Recipe: Italian Wonderpot

Issue 8
Issue 8 - Spanish

Sleep Matters
Share Your Story
Point-of-Decision Prompts
Enjoy Heart Healthy Avocados
Recipe: Bruschetta with Avocado Spread