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Walk Kansas

Walk Kansas State Leader

Sharolyn Jackson
Sharolyn Flaming Jackson
K-State Research and Extension
1007 Throckmorton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


A health initiative presented by Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service

2016 Newsletters

Week 1

Spring Tune-up
Pain - What Did I Do Wrong?
5K for the Fight!
Healthful Eating - What's New?
Recipe: Frittata

Week 2

Check Your Posture
Building Strength
Exercise and Cancer
Eat the "Get Rich" Way
Recipe: Layered Salads

Week 3

You've Got Heart
Stayin' Alive
The Salty Six
Recipe: Healthy Homemade Pizza

Week 4

Add Intervals
Warm Up, Cool Down
Portions and Servings
Kabobs on the Grill

Week 5

Exercise Benefits Your Brain
Extracting the Sweet Tooth
Squats to Strengthen
The Sweet Stuff
Recipe: Strawberry Meringue

Week 6

Exercise and Bone Health
Stay Strong, Stay Healthy
Change it up to Avoid Plateaus
Diet for Strong Bones
Recipe: Broccoli and Cheese

Week 7

Functional Fitness
The Skinny on Dietary Fats
Mediterranean Eating Pattern
Recipe: Greek-Style Scampi with Zoodles

Week 8

Exercise to Prevent and Manage Diabetes
Exercise with Weights: How Much?
Whole Grains
Recipe: Whole Grain Waffles