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Walk Kansas

Walk Kansas State Leader

Sharolyn Jackson
Sharolyn Flaming Jackson
K-State Research and Extension
1007 Throckmorton Hall
Manhattan, KS 66506


A health initiative presented by Kansas State University Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service


Muscle-strengthening activities

  • Muscles get stronger with activities like push-ups and lifting weights
  • Work all the different parts of the body - your legs, hips, back, chest, stomach, shoulders, and arms.

Bone-strengthening activities

  • Bones get stronger with activities, like jumping, are especially important for children and adolescents
  • Force on the bones promotes bone growth and strength.

Building Strength with Weights
Chest Press
Overhead Triceps Extension
Biceps Curl
Shoulder Press
Free Weights: Curls
Free Weights: Chest Press
Dumbbell Deadlift
Goblet Squat


A Stability Ball Primer
Stability Ball: Pushup
Stability Ball: Hamstring Curl
Abdominal Crunches
Abdominal Ball Pass
Wall Squat
Oblique Twist
Back Extension
Ball Fly
Bent-Over Row with Ball
Fitness Ball Ab Crunch
Leg Curl on Ball
Glute Bridges
Push-Ups - The Next Level

 resistance bands

Strength Training with Resistance Bands
Triceps Extension
Biceps Curl with Lunge
Standing Overhead Press
Standing Squat
Resistance: Front Raises
Seated Row
Chest Press - Resistance Bands
Pull Across Chest
Monster Squat


Yoga Basics
More Yoga Poses


Planks - the next level
Plank Variations
Plank Variations - the next level


Air Squats and Parallel Arm Raises
Med Ball Slam
Walking Lunge
Treadmill Intervals

Thanks to James (Jim) R. Thompson, M.S. and ACE Certified Personal Trainer, former trainer at Genesis Health Clubs in Manhattan, KS, and Peters Recreation Complex at Kansas State University for their help with these videos.

Celebrating Success!

Keeping my flexibility, strength, and endurance is even more important at my age, 68. Walking and working out did this more than I thought.
Thomas County